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tom callaway

i have plenty of wool

Congratulations to all the winners in the Fedora Board and FESCo elections! I know that you'll do a good job.

Yesterday, Pam and I went to see the Boston Bruins play the Carolina Hurricanes. Our loyalties were torn, but at the end of it, we were cheering for Boston. When in Rome... It was a lot of fun, although next time: leaving the coats at home and layering up. Also, NHL Jerseys are expensive. Having one for games would be nice, but I'm not sure it is $100+ nice. (I did find a website selling one for $86.52, but they were a bit... shady.)

After the game, we headed out to the Burlington Mall, where we both got iPhones. Yes, baaaaaa! I am sheep!

I came to the conclusion this way:

1. It has applications I know I want.
2. It has a working web browser (very helpful when geocaching).
3. It is a very good music player.
4. I'd be on the same network as Pam (the vast majority of my calls go to her, we save money being on a family plan).

Yes, I feel a little dirty. I'm sure I'll get over it.

If you want my new telephone number, let me know. I wanted to keep my old one, but it wasn't possible since Pam didn't want to keep hers.

I'll miss my treo, but it served me well. Palm waited too long, and I couldn't.

So, iPhone people, tell me, what applications should I get? Given how much I just spent, any free apps would be nice. :)
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