tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

updating because i can

I thought today was going to be a lousy day, but it has been looking up.

This morning's rawhide update brought a new Thunderbird, version 3, which actually fixed bugs that I had addons to work around in Thunderbird 2 (reply-to-list, quoted reply based on selected text). I built the Enigmail and Lightning addons for x86_64 so I could keep using them (they're uploaded here: Unfortunately, it seems incapable of opening clicked URLs in firefox (it doesn't seem to do anything).

It also brought a new WebKit, which seems to have fixed liferea's crazy rendering issues! I can actually read my RSS feeds again!

Nothing else broke in the mono dependency stack that requires my attention!

Pam and I now have season tickets for the Boston Bruins (2009-2010)!

This sentence ends with an exclamation point!
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