tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

The Red Sox

Okay, so I'm not clueless about sports. I understand that people are fans of sports. But here's what I don't get:

The Red Sox

Let me try to explain. When I lived in Chicago, lots of people loved the Cubs (or even the White Sox). Sure, on a game day, the area around Wrigley would be covered with folks in Cubs hats, shirts, whatever. But they didn't wear Cubs branded merchandise EVERYWHERE. Not to the mall, not to Olive Garden, not to work, not to church. Red Sox people do this.

Now, fanatics, I understand. There were enough Cubs fanatics who lived, breathed and sweated out Cubs, but you'd see them and think, wow, he/she has gone a little too far. What I don't understand is how 90% of Boston residents have somehow turned into this.

Initially, when I moved here, I thought it was just holdover from winning the World Series, I can understand how being the champions makes you extra proud of your team. But they didn't win the World Series last season, and it didn't go away.

When I'm in an airport, I can usually pick out someone from the Midwest or Chicago, but I have to wait for them to speak, and listen for an accent. I can pick out the person from Boston because every single item of visible clothing is branded with a Red Sox logo.

I'm a NHL fan. I just bought Bruins season tickets for next year. I own an official team jersey. I wear it when I'm going to the game. I DO NOT WEAR IT WHEN I'M GOING TO THE MOVIES. I DO NOT WEAR IT TO CHANGE MY OIL.

Am I missing something? Did they forget to mail me the new resident pamphlet when I moved in, "Why You Must Wear Red Sox Branded Garments At All Times Or Cthulhu Will Eat Your Soul"?

Asking the locals hasn't really helped. Most of the time, it feels like I'm asking a dog why it is licking its own balls. If I get an answer, it usually is "well, they were so bad for so long, and now they're not." Sadly, this generally fits the Cubs as well, so I'm not buying it.

I also occasionally get "You don't undastand 'cause youa not fom hea." So far, I haven't been able to identify anything in the water supply, but I bought an industrial filter, just to be safe. After all, the locals do have an unhealthy love for "Dirty Water".

Can anyone make sense of this?
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