tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Embedding into LJ posts

I have a wonderful wife who is a Bruins fan! Today is her birthday. She already got her present from me, a nifty new Garmin Nuvi GPS for her car. She's also having a party this weekend!

I stole this from lixie

Thankfully, I don't have the problem in this video. :) pam is a Bruins fan!

When I went to make this LJ post, I couldn't remember exactly how to embed a YouTube video, so I ended up going to the web client to figure it out. Then, I added support for it into logjam. It works, but it isn't how I wanted it to be.

This is what the embedded media dialog looks like now.

This is what I wanted it to look like. I used the gimp to chop it together.

Trying to figure out how GTK works spatially just gives me a headache. I suspect my brain isn't wired right to understand it. The patch is here, in case anyone wants to take a shot at making it look more like what I want.
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