tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Voodoo computer repair

Yesterday, my new Thinkpad T500 managed to get water spilled on it. It promptly powered down and steadfastly refused to power up. I dried it off, inside and out, then tented it in front of a box fan for a few hours, but it still refused to turn on.

I pulled the hard drive out and slapped it in my old T60, and it worked fine, so I used that for the rest of the day, then called Lenovo this morning, fully expecting that the mainboard would need to be replaced.

When I spoke to a Lenovo technician, she asked if I had dried it off, put it under a fan, and I replied that I had. Then, she asked me to do the following:

* Disconnect the power cord and remove the battery
* Press the power button ten times, and on the last one, hold it for 30 seconds.
* Reconnect the power cord and battery

When I did this, my system came back to life. That is officially the strangest repair I have ever seen, even stranger than the time I kicked a PC and brought it back to life.

Kudos to Lenovo, and whatever animal they sacrificed to accomplish this feat. :)
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