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Bringing things up to the here and now

Okay, lets see. In the last week, I've sold my house, added a healthy baby boy to our family, had our first choice house fall through, had our second choice house fall through, and finally, bought a house. Oh yeah, and the Bruins broke their losing streak. :)

Pam did an excellent writeup about the baby's birth, so if you're interested, please go read it here: Pam's Baby Birth Story
If you just want to look at baby pics, go here:

While we were in labor on Monday, our Arlington condo was being shown, and the person decided they wanted to buy it and put an offer in. After a little back and forth, we got to a final offer, which we accepted. The only catch was that now we needed to find suitable housing to move to. We've been looking for 2 months now, so we had our short list narrowed down. We put in an offer on our first choice, which was an estate sale. It was a smallish house on 2 acres of beautiful land, we had already started planning out how we would expand and improve the house over time and where Pam would plant her garden. The house was priced very high, but the realtor assured us that it would never re-appraise for that value, so we put in a lower price offer. We assumed that they would provide a counter offer, but they refused! They were unwilling to move from the price at all. Our realtor strongly recommended that we not even consider paying their asking price. In fact, the seller's broker got so fed up with this decision that he dropped the listing entirely. Apparently, the sellers saw what the town had tax appraised the property for a few years back and intended to get exactly that much out of it and not a penny less. This was very sad, because the MLS listing had "MAKE AN OFFER!" as its first line.

Pam and I moved on to our second choice, but we wanted to go out and walk through it one more time to make sure, so we scheduled to go out with our realtor this past weekend. Our realtor was out of town, but her backup agreed to make the arrangements... but then she called us back to tell us that our second choice had gone under agreement the day before! Again, we'd gotten our hopes up, and now we really didn't know what to do. We did have a few more houses on our short-list, but they were honestly, not ideal for what we wanted. The backup realtor pointed out a new house that had just come on the market in Ayer, and encouraged us to go and check it out. It looked good on the MLS listing, but we'd been fooled before.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Pam, Baby Jimmy (we haven't decided exactly what we're calling the baby yet, James/Jim/Jimmy, so I'm trying nicknames out), Pam's parents (who flew down to help us out with the baby), and me all got into the car and went to see the house in Ayer, and wouldn't you know, it was just great! It had the space we wanted, nice high ceilings and wide hallways and a very open layout. There are a few places where it needs some work, the kitchen really needs to be redone and expanded, the finished office in the basement is a bit of a DYI job and it shows, but there is space to expand/fix it. Also, because it is in Ayer, there is no FIOS yet (the town website says it will be coming to Ayer in 6 months). :( But, we can have chickens (with permit)! It has an awesome yard with lots of gardening space and wooded areas. The lot backs up to protected land that the town owns that isn't buildable. The house is in a lovely little neighborhood, so Jimmy will have lots of other kids to play with when he gets older. I wanted to check out one other house that we hadn't yet seen, so we went to go look at it, but it had severe water damage, so I didn't get much past the front room before I knew it wasn't right. We headed back to the realty to meet our regular realtor (who was back in town) and we put in an offer on the Ayer house. During the Super Bowl, we went back and forth with counter offers, but they gave a verbal agreement to our second offer! Finally, we have a house!

My back is killing me! Babies involve so much bending and lifting. I haven't hurt this much in a really long time, but the baby is worth it. Today, we have more doctors appointments for Pam and Baby Jimmy. I'm going to try to get some small pieces of work done. I'm hopeful I can get back to work, at least part time, tomorrow. If you're waiting on me to do something, please be patient!
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