tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Note on chromium packages

I know there have been a lot of questions about where the chromium packages went, so I've been cleared to make the following statement:

We have discontinued distribution of the Courgette package after having learned of allegations of patent infringement relating to the package, including a patent lawsuit
brought against Google. (See Red Bend Ltd. and Red Bend Software Inc. v. Google Inc., Civ. Action No. 09-cv-11813 (E.D. Ma.)).

Okay! With that out of the way, there are new chromium packages for Fedora 11 & 12 available here.

You may be asking, what about Fedora 10 and 11? Well, I stopped doing Fedora 10 builds quite a while ago, and either no one noticed, or they were okay with the older build. Fedora 10 is end-of-life at this point, so I didn't feel any guilt over stopping those builds.

With Fedora 11, the problem is this: The way that I do my chromium builds is to remove as much of google's bundled copies of system libraries as possible. One of those libraries which I patch out is libicu. Fedora 11 has libicu-4.0, which worked great for a while, but lately, the chromium code is dependent on features which are only found in libicu-4.2. So, my options here are:

A) Figure out some way to make a libicu42 package for chromium to use and link against but which won't conflict with the Fedora system libicu
B) Generate a new source package just for Fedora 11 which has the bundled copy of libicu and uses it instead of the system bits (which I really do not want to do)
C) Not build for Fedora 11

So, for the moment, I'm sitting in C, because I really have very very little free time. If a kind soul wanted to help generate a libicu42 package (that doesn't conflict), I would be able to get Fedora 11 going again. Otherwise, you can be patient and wait for me to get around to having the time to do it myself. :)

ADDENDUM: If you emailed/dented/twittered/irc'd me asking what was going on, and didn't get a response, I'm sorry. Please don't take it personally. The above statement is all I can say on this topic, and I haven't been able to even say that much until just now.

ADDENDUM 2: Thanks to Alex Butcher for providing libicu42 packages which do not conflict, Fedora 11 chromium packages are back now too.

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