tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

yet another chromium update

Recently, Pavol Rusnak pointed out that OpenSUSE had a chromium package which was loosely based on mine, but that the OpenSUSE SRPM was much smaller and it had HTML5 video support. So, I looked into it, and he was right!

So, I borrowed some of their good ideas and made some improvements:
* I applied their patch to get HTML5 video (ogg and mpeg-4) working. You MUST have ffmpeg-libs installed for this to work. (You can test this by going to:
* I altered the source generation script to delete a lot more unused files, most notably, all of the chromium and webkit test suites
* The source generation script detects the version of chromium and embeds it in the source tarball. I was determining the chromium version manually and adding it into the chromium.spec, but there was no good reason it shouldn't be in the tarball name.
* I compressed the source with xz to further cut down on the size. The SRPM is now much much much smaller. (From 435M to 56M)
* The package builds with make instead of scons. I'd been meaning to make this switch for a while now. This actually makes it build significantly faster, I'm guessing because make is better at multi-cpu parallelization (-j).

As always, the latest packages live here:
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