tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

banging my head violently against gwibber

A while back, I took over maintainership of gwibber in Fedora. At the time, gwibber depended on desktopcouch (aka couchdb), but that implementation, well, sucks. couchdb depends on erlang (which causes the dependency chain to get HUGE) and it performs poorly and it eats up a ton of disk.

All in all, a bad idea. This version crashes a lot, and bugzilla is slowly filling with abrt reports about how gwibber either crashes immediately on startup or at some point shortly afterwards.

However, the gwibber upstream decided to make a branch of the code that doesn't use desktopcouch! This branch uses sqlite, and crashes a lot less. Unfortunately, some key functionality doesn't work in this branch, specifically, notifications (as in, pynotify). I've spent most of the day trying to get it working again, and what I have accomplished is this:

When notifications are enabled in preferences (note: you have to restart the app to see the changes), the notification bubbles for new items popup, but they never quite make it to the client display. If you disable notifications, everything works fine.

So, interwebs, I plead for your help. Can you make this work properly, so I can push a gwibber update and make many (okay, some) people happy?

Source RPM is here:

I'm sure I'm making some stupid little mistake here, my python skills are poor at best.

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