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Fedora is hiring

People regularly ask me about how they can work for Red Hat, specifically, how they can work on Fedora for Red Hat. Usually, my answer is "Contribute, do good work, get noticed, and you're likely to be hired", but at the moment, two positions have opened up.

1) Fedora Program Manager:
John Poelstra has done an excellent job as the Fedora Program Manager for the last few years, but he is ready to move on to different challenges inside Red Hat, so we're looking for someone to fill his role. For more details see:
The actual job posting is here:

2) Fedora Architecture Leader:
Mike McGrath has been involved with Fedora Infrastructure for quite some time now, first as a volunteer, then as a full-time employee in the role of Architecture Lead. Mike is moving into a different role inside Red Hat Engineering, so we're faced with the difficult task of filling his position. Mike has been wonderful to work with, and I'm glad that he will still remain involved with the Fedora community, even if that is no longer going to be his primary job function.

Some details are here:

This job isn't actually posted yet (although, hopefully, it will be soon), so here's an overview:

The Role: The Fedora Project is seeking an Infrastructure Lead to be responsible for a global network of free software based software based services that supports the Fedora Project in its goals. Day to day responsibilities include volunteer recruitment, team coordination and training, systems administration and basic troubleshooting / helpdesk support of Fedora developers and systems availability/resiliency. The lead is also responsible for long term planning, budgeting, new hosting sponsorship, policy, and overall infrastructure architecture/integration. This is an on call position that requires far more then just the standard 8-5 hours as volunteers are widely distributed and systems need to be monitored and repaired in facilities around the world.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and oversee efforts of Fedora Infrastructure team, including facility visits

  • Ensure that all Fedora Infrastructure systems and software components are up and running properly

  • Detect and fix problems before they occur

  • Coordinate with other teams to determine needs and expectations for projects

  • Keep up on new technologies for review and early adoption

  • Ensure the current Fedora release is solid and prepared from an infrastructure perspective

  • Support Fedora Release Engineering in any tasks / issues that come up related to package updates or new releases

  • Maintain and grow community involvement in Fedora Infrastructure

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a systems administration or infrastructure role

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) or better is strongly preferred

  • Experience in working with and building Free Software Communities

  • Expertise in:

    • Linux (Fedora, RHEL)

    • Deployment Technologies: Kickstart, RPM, Puppet, Yum, Func, Xen/KVM

    • Security: SELinux, SSH, iptables, rkhunter, nss, clamav

    • Network: Cisco, OpenVPN, bind, VoIP

    • Web: Apache, Squid, memcached, TurboGears, PHP, MediaWiki, Django, varnish

    • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL

    • Programming: Python, Perl, Shell

    • Backup: Bacula, rsync

    • Source Control: cvs, svn, git

    • Storage: NetApp, NFS, iscsi

    • Infrastructure: Mailman, OpenVPN, Nagios, BitTorrent, Haproxy, Yubikey/ssl authentication, CDN / GeoIP concepts

If you're interested in this job, feel free to send me an email ( with a current resume in a free format.

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