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tom callaway

My summary of the Fedora Board Meeting (2011-02-21)

Since I was the secretary (please, no jokes), here is a brief recap of today's Fedora Board Meeting:

* An overview of last Friday's Alpha Blocker meeting was given.
* A discussion of the Fedora 15 Wallpaper situation took place. There is a "compromise" wallpaper as developed by the Fedora Design Team. If Upstream GNOME is okay with the compromise, then it will be used, if not, then the Design team will decide which wallpaper to use. If the Design team cannot (or does not) decide, the decision will be escalated to the Board to make.
* A discussion of the move from a Fedora Infrastructure maintained instance of Transifex to the hosted instance of Transifex (newer), due to lack of regular resources to maintain our local instance. This move took place on Friday, quicker than preferred, but the move was necessary to make it possible to have translations for Fedora 15.
* Mairin Duffy is taking a requested 6 week leave of absence from the board.
* There are legal concerns with the naming of the Fedora French Non Profit entity, we are working with them to resolve the issue with their use of the Fedora trademark in their name (it must be removed).
* All legal issues, including those involving trademark now go through Fedora Legal, with the exception of trademark usage approval, which is still handled by the Fedora Board.
* After consulting with Red Hat Legal, the Board unanimously agreed to lift the Legal block on sqlninja.
* After review of the data gathered from public feedback, FESCo, and FAMSco, the Fedora Board has chosen three goals, to be active until the release of Fedora 17. In no particular order, these goals are:

- Improve and simplify collaboration in the Fedora Community.
- Improve and encourage high-quality communication in the Fedora Community.
- It will be extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community from anywhere in the world and quickly find a project to work on.

Each group within Fedora will be asked to identify tactical targets to work towards these goals. After Fedora 17 is released, a public review of the effectiveness of these goals will be done. A wider, more complete, announcement of these goals will be made by Jared Smith (FPL).

* Work on proposed governance documents as started at FUDCon Tempe continues.


Full logs of the meeting can be found here:
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