tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Monday in Fedora

I suppose this is a sort of a test. I'm going to keep a little log of everything I do during the day related to Fedora. We'll see how far I get.

* Arrive at work, pull out my main laptop hard drive, put in the Western Digital SSD.
* Download Fedora 16 Alpha RC1 DVD image, burn to disk with k3b
* Boot DVD on my Lenovo Thinkpad T500
* Remember how slow the DVD drive is in my Thinkpad
* Installer starts, but is useless because my laptop is docked, thus, connected to a second monitor, and the installer screen is distortedly spanning both monitors. Show it to Chris Lumens, who informs me that there is a "bug filed for that and everything else". Disconnect monitor from dock, reboot.
* "systemd[1]: Failed to fully start up daemon, no such file or directory" Seems harmless though.
* Partition disk with defaults, uncheck "use LVM". Select "Graphical Desktop", this is mostly to test the install, not for long term use (although, I might migrate to this SSD at some point).
* Read while installer chews on my DVD drive in "Starting installation process"
* Read LWN while packages install.
* Daydream about pinball machines. Boy, this DVD drive is S-L-O-W.
* Packages completed: 1207 of 1207 (finally!) Installer sits there without any indicators for five minutes. I might know that it is doing post-transaction operations, but will a random user? :P I still think you should be able to play a minigame while it installs. Caldera had Tetris!
* Installation done!
* Plug external monitor back into dock.
* Reboot. Man, grub2 looks ugly! I guess it isn't themed yet.
* Wow, this SSD boots FAST!
* Firstboot has the "Synchronize date and time over the network" greyed out. Maybe ntp isn't in the default comps set? (it should be)
* Also, smolt window in firstboot seems to be broken. Big empty window where the profile should be.
* Fedora 16 Alpha background is pretty nifty. Would prefer to see more sealife, like maybe an octopus, but hey.
* Poke around GNOME 3, see no obvious bugs. (please, no trolling)
* Shutdown, reinsert old slow 7200RPM SATA drive.
* Start process of catching up on email (I don't check my Red Hat or Fedora email over the weekend). 405 new emails in INBOX (after spam filtering and mailing-list filtering). More than half of it is still spam. :/
* Push libjingle updates into stable to Fedora 14 and 15 (chromium 14 will need them)
* Send Marek Kasik's patch for poppler 0.17.0 support to Gambas upstream (
* Tell Paul Howarth that I am fine with him owning EPEL-4 branches for perl-Tree-DAG and perl-Test-Warn, as well as having commit access to devel so he can push overrides in bodhi.
* Read unread messages on fedora-devel-list, light weekend there.
* Look at failed rawhide build of libmx, adjust patch to fix compile with gdk-pixbuf, chain build with anerley.
* Rebuild easystroke for f-16 and rawhide against new boost
* Rebuild nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc for f-16 and rawhide against new net-snmp
* Fix libmx again, this time account for the GIR
* Push f-16 update for easystroke (
* Push f-16 update for nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc (
* Read fedora-legal email queue (all spam)
* libmx builds!
* Read RSS feeds while I grab a quick lunch (, groklaw, among other non-Fedora related ones)
* Put in package branching request for sar2 (bz713581). It is a helicopter flight sim.
* anerley built in rawhide!
* Kicked off Fedora-16 Alpha RC1 install on my KVM system (treefrog)
* Update R specs in git to ensure that "less" is present in the BuildRoot, and thus, selected as the default parser. Decide that the issue is not worthy of pushing an update.
* sar2 branched, do the first set of commits, builds, and updates (
* start review of xmedcon (bz714328)
* fix libtpcimgio and libtpcmisc to have PIC enabled shared libraries
* manual forced buildroot overrides for libtpcmisc builds (except rawhide) to get libtpcimgio to build against the new shared lib
* Build libtpimgio for all active targets against new libtpcmisc with shared libs
* Add the missing scriptlets for icon-cache handling to sar2, kick off new builds
* Remove the forced buildroot overrides for libtpcmisc builds, push updates for libtpcmisc and libtpcimgio for f14, f15, f16
* Delete the old (unpushed) updates for libtpcmisc and libtpcimgio to avoid a bug in bodhi where it is possible that the -3 build could get tagged, not the fixed -4 build.
* Manual override for libmx f16 to build anerley
* Ninja edit sar2 updates to switch to -2 package with proper scriptlets
* Posted my two waiting Review Requests (gambas3, freewrl) to in the hopes of getting them reviewed
* Kicked off anerley 0.3.0 build for f16
* anerley built for f16, untag libmx override, push update for both

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