tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Tuesday in Fedora

* Only a hundred or so non-spam emails to read in INBOX
* Push tkimg-1.4-4.fc16 update to stable
* Fix up issues in freewrl review (bz726210)
* Point out mistake in scriptlet change to R package and fix it in git
* Try to figure out why system-config-date doesn't think either ntp or chrony is running on f16
* Aha! chrony didn't get installed... but why?
* comps shows the change happened properly on 07/22/11 16:39:05
* /root/install.log from the f16 alpha RC1 confirms that chrony is not in the transaction set. Maybe the RC1 was spun off old comps or before 07/22?
* Update treefrog base system to Fedora 14 via yum
* More updates on xmedcon review
* Edit R updates to have fixed packages
* Office receptionist transfers Adobe sales cold call to me, I got to explain that no, we do not use Photoshop. Tempted to ask to be transferred to Flash division so I could give them some useful feedback about x86_64.
* Discussed s-c-date and chrony issue with notting, notting pushed comps change to resolve it so that comps is present on normal install
* Explained what cla_redhat does and why no one needs it. :)
* Work on review of lzma-sdk (bz596461)
* Research ""
* Rework gambas3 package to not need write permissions on example dirs
* Work on making lzma-sdk a bit more sane and normal, with the intent of making it work with upx
I killed several hours on this, I feel so dirty, but I got it working.
* Confirmed that javascript packages are an exception to the "no-bundling rule".
* Updated libev to 4.04 in f-16 and rawhide, fixed manpage location bug (729462), pushed update for f16
* Registered #fedora-ppc, lifted the topic lock that was preventing them from updating the topic from 2008. :)
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