tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Wednesday in Fedora

* Improved my spam filtering in Thunderbird, saves me quite a bit of time
* More research into Fedora branded keyboard possibilities
* Finished xmedcon review (bz714328)
* Proposed way to prevent a python package from being installed on a RHEL 5 system where the python version is too old
* Fedora Packaging Committee Meeting, short but productive.
* Reworked freewrl package to subpackage out browser plugin, tested reported crash but could not reproduce with mesa.
* Start working on new chromium-stable packages (13.0.782.112)
* Create f16.i386 VM on treefrog
* Clarified proper packaging and licensing for Adobe PCFI
* Notice that is gone in perl-5.14.1-185.fc16
* Identified bug in perl-POE-Test-Loops (it provides perl(Switch) but should not) (bz729768)
* Created new Review Request for perl-Switch (bz729777)
* Very amused at a chromium bug report where someone submits patches but refuses to sign the Google CLA, and is described as "a denial of service attack on chromium".
* Discovered that Fedora custom keyboards would end up being $50-$60 per keyboard, depending on how many we ordered and whether we got USB wired or wireless ones. They're not Model M or Happy Hacker, just a full length modern (aka, non-clicky) US keyboard. Smallest order I could do would be 36. The art is painted onto the keyboard, not just key caps.
* Slightly less amused to discover that Google didn't bother to backport their gcc 4.6 fixes to their stable branch.
* Pass -Wno-error=uninitialized to chromium. Why be safe when you can be F-A-S-T?
* Sit in on the F16 Alpha Go/NoGo meeting. Think we're gonna slip.

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