tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Thursday in Fedora

* Start working on Chromium. Again.
* Branching request for freewrl
* Branching request for perl-Switch
* Gather Fedora goodies for Linuxcon Vancouver
* Provide quote for SPDX announcement
* Switch to chromium-ffmpegsumo-14 for the stable branch (13)
* Patch chromium to support cups-1.5
* Patch chromium to support icu-4.6
* Patch chromium to fix more gcc 4.6 issues
* Patch chromium to fix glibc malloc issue (backport from chromium trunk)
* Reconsider Fedora branded keyboards, I'm not sure anyone really wants a $50 keyboard that isn't a Happy Hacker or a Model M.
* Import and build freewrl for Fedora targets (import EL versions, but I'll leave the building up to Steve)
* Import and build perl-Switch for F16 and rawhide
* Push updates for freewrl and perl-Switch
* Update ebtables in f16 and rawhide to 2.0.10-2
* Add RSS feed for freewrl Sourceforge files
* Chromium is still trying to build. Think of it like a beached whale, struggling to return to the sea.
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