tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Want to work for Red Hat?

Normally when I say something like "Want to work for Red Hat", I have a specific position that I need to fill, but in this case, its a bit of an open book. Here's the ground rules:

* You must be willing to start work before March 1, 2012.
* You must have an impressive resume with a proven track-record of Free Software/Open Source Software experience (although, you do not necessary need to be a coder)
* You must have a skillset that Red Hat needs, specifically, think in terms of what you could be doing for Red Hat that it is not currently doing (or needs help doing)
* Bonus points if you're already a part of the Fedora Community, but this is not strictly a requirement. If you can provide references from another notable FOSS community, that will also give you bonus points.
* Bonus points if you're geographically located next to a Red Hat office. (There are some places we can't hire from, and relocation, while not impossible, makes things much more complicated, especially if there is a Visa requirement, but if you're awesome enough, anything is possible.)

Respond quickly via email ( with your resume/CV and sales pitch as to why I should consider you for a job at Red Hat. This is a limited time opportunity, and I guarantee nothing. :)

ADDENDUM: Just sending me your resume isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to sell yourself to me, tell me what you want to do at Red Hat and why I'd be a fool not to hire you.
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