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I've been using the same email address for more than 10 years now, so it would be putting it mildly to say that I get a lot of spam. Lately, I've noticed a trend, a set of emails that don't trigger the spam detection routines at all, but they're clearly unwanted and unsolicited. They look like this:

To: Tom Callaway <>
From: "Arnie Boigner" <>
Subject: RE: Meeting Invitation

I hope my last message found you well. I wanted to follow up and see when we could speak further about my company's virtualization storage solutions.

Thank you,

Arnie Boigner
----- Original Message -----

From: Arnie Boigner []
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011
To: Tom Callaway
Subject: Meeting Invitation

Hi Tom,

I trust you're well. I'll be very brief. If you're like most of the companies I work with, you're saving money through virtualization, but you're spending more and more on data management. That's tough in a good economy, much less the one we're in. Executives tell us they struggle with:

Best Regards,

Arnie Boigner
Account Executive

Now, noteworthy is the following:

1. Arnie Boigner is a real human being. He played football at Ohio Northern University from 1989-1992 and has 3,068 yards rushing.
2. He works for Nimble Storage, a recent startup, who neither I nor Red Hat have any relationship with, nor will we likely _EVER_.
3. His email isn't coming through a Nimble Storage owned domain, it's going through a dummy domain ( This domain is owned/managed by, a company owned by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons that exists solely to hide true site ownership and circumvent IANA rules. As if you expected better from Go Daddy, the scumlord of domain registration.
4. The "Original Message" quoted never was sent to me. It's entirely made up.
5. I'm getting a LOT of these, all with different unique sounding dummy domain names that all refer to different companies, and similar subjects, such as "Re: Schedule Discussion", "Re: Brief Discussion", "Re: Schedule Availability", "Re: Request a Call"
, "Re: Schedule a Call", etc. See the pattern? Looks like it started at the beginning of October.
6. I'm getting them repeated in a loop. Arnie? He's "emailed" me the same spam on October 5th and again today. Note that this isn't him sending me one message, then replying to it, its the same email with bogus "Original Message" quoting at the bottom. (The earlier mail had Subject "Re: Meeting information", as opposed to "RE: Meeting information".

From this evidence, I can only conclude that there is a new "marketing" company using spammer techniques to try to get leads. The companies who have contracted with this scheme should be ashamed of themselves, and I strongly encourage you to not do business with them.

Companies I know (thanks to their toxic spam) to have partnered with this spammer:
Acorn Systems
Barry-Wehmiller International Resources
Caliber Point
CollabNet (Double shame on you.)
Nimble Storage
Results Positive

List of known bogus domain names in this racket:

All of these domains seem to be using the same DNS servers:
I don't know if those are the DNS servers that DomainsByProxy uses by default or not. is owned by Network Solutions, which appears to be a somewhat legitimate hosting company, so I'm guessing that they're not the spammers, just hosting their DNS.

Now, I'm not interested in filling out the DomainsByProxy form to report this spammer 20 something times, if for no other reason than I suspect strongly it will result in GoDaddy spamming me (they want a full header copy of each spam email). I'm mostly relying on the internet to shame these companies.

I'd love to know who this spammer is, so I can shame them equally.
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