tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Red Hat Job Openings in the Fedora Universe

There are currently two job openings at Red Hat for people who wish to work on Fedora.

= Fedora Virtualization Maintainer =
Do you enjoy working with the Fedora community? Are you interested in working with the leading edge of the virtualization stack? We are looking for someone to maintain the core virtualization packages in Fedora!

Responsibilities include:
* Interract with the Fedora community on all things virt (Mailing lists, irc, FUDCon.)
* Virtualization Test Day organization
* Coordinate the Fedora feature process for virtualization features
* Maintain the fedora-virt mailing list
* Maintain the virtualization pages on the Fedora wiki
* Maintain the virtio-win drivers repository
* Maintain the virtualization preview repository for Fedora
* Primary package maintainer for the following Fedora packages:
qemu (qemu-kvm)
gpxe (ipxe)
* Work with the kernel team on kvm specific bugs
* Assist in bugs for related virt packages

Qualified candidates will have experience with:
* C, C++, Linux (kernel and userspace), KVM, qemu

(This opening is not currently live on the Red Hat website as far as I know, so please email me your resume/CV along with a short note about why you think you'd be awesome for this opening. I am _not_ the hiring manager for this position, but it is Fedora focused.)

== Web Application Developer ==

The Fedora Engineering team is looking for qualified candidates to assist us in creating and improving Free Software solutions for the Fedora Community. Fedora only uses Free Software solutions in all of its infrastructure and hosting, and you can help us in that effort. Our infrastructure is mostly driven using Python frameworks, delivering applications and contents over the web to the Fedora user and contributor communities. Travel requirements are minimal, although, participation at relevant conferences and events is expected. This position is a fantastic opportunity to develop new and interesting Free Software and Open Source solutions with a rich community of developers and users. Upstream contributions are an expected part of this position.

Existing team members in this role have created web applications like:
* Bodhi -
* Fedora Packages -
* Fedora Tagger -

These skills are the sort of skills that are desirable, however, it is not necessary that any candidate possess them all.

* Python
* TurboGears
* SQL Databases (especially Postgresql)
* Xapien
* Linux
* Pyramid
* Javascript

A bachelors degree or greater in Computer Science is preferred for this role, although, not necessary if there is extensive expertise in the desired areas for this position.

Candidates would not necessarily be required to relocate for this position.
If you're interested, please apply on the website, and send me an email telling me why you'd be an awesome fit for this position. I am the hiring manager for this position, so you would get the added bonus of working for me. ;)
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