tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Fedora ARM opening

Red Hat is looking to fill an open position to work on Fedora ARM, specifically:

Red Hat's Global Engineering Services (Embedded Linux) team is looking for an installation and configuration software engineer to actively engage with and advance both internal and upstream systems architecture around emerging hyperscale computing platforms. This will involve assisting in the design of scalable installation and configuration solutions as well as the implementation of such features within standard Red Hat software tools . This includes the creation of appropriate new tools as required. In consideration of the technology shift surrounding future systems provisioning and management (especially systems featuring on-chip management controllers), this role will require a certain amount of unconventional design philosophy. The ideal candidate will have experience working with the Fedora and RHEL (Enterprise Linux) community, will understand the emerging market for "hyperscale" computing solutions, and will have a keen interest in advancing the state of the art in the management and provisioning of such systems.

(My Note: This is mostly a userspace role, candidates should have a strong understanding of ARM and ARM assembly.)


Red Hat is also looking for an Embedded Kernel Architect, specifically:

Red Hat's Global Engineering Services (Embedded Linux) team is looking for a Senior/Principal Level Kernel Generalist to actively engage with and advance both internal and upstream architecture development on various next generation Embedded systems. This will involve heavy community involvement with both the Fedora Linux Project, as well as various Enterprise related activities. The ideal candidate will have experience in working with Embedded Linux systems (including but not limited to ARM), and System-on-Chip technologies. Strong experience with new and existing architectures is a plus, as well as experience with libc and uboot.

Primary Responsibilities:

* Participate and collaborate in ongoing technology discussions with partners and upstream contributors for Embedded device specific design and development.

* Assist in the development and upstream kernel integration of Embedded device support additions to Linux.

* Interact with customers, partners and internal team members.

Required skills

Strong background in kernel level development and maintainership capabilities, preferably in Embedded architectures. Existing relations with members of the Linux kernel community are a strong plus.

Prior administrative experience with Fedora Linux is desired. Familiarity with other Linux distributions also desirable.

Some travel may be required.

Education: Completion of a 4 year College or University computer program.

(My Note: This job is more of a traditional Embedded Linux Kernel Hacker role. It also isn't live on the website yet, so if you're interested, just send resumes to me at
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