tom callaway (spot) wrote,
tom callaway

Thursday's Status

* The 3d printer is no longer printing properly. I thought it might be an incorrect Z-stop height setting, but if so, I can't seem to get it right. Also, the filament keeps getting jammed and the gears just chew it up and it stops printing. :/ Spent an hour or two trying to get it working again, then gave up.
* Fixed bamf in Fedora 19/rawhide
* Fixed gnomint in Fedora 19/rawhide
* Fixed mygui in Fedora 19/rawhide. Remembered why I dislike CMake.
* Fixed skyviewer in Fedora 19/rawhide
* Fixed most of the issues in nightview, ran into some sort of ghostscript bug (already filed:
* Fixed tex-musixtex in Fedora 19/rawhide
* Tried to fix matreshka, got it to build cleanly, but it fails %check... :/ Committed my changes to rawhide, hopefully it will inspire someone else to finish.
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